Volunteer Work

Hanbo employees are always standby when the community needs! We encourage and support our colleagues to participate in volunteer service such as environment protection and school visits.

“ENGAGE” Project

Hanbo has participated in non profit organization- Community Business “Engage” Project annually since 2013. In order to help Hong Kong local youth to have a better understanding of corporate life, we developed a summer internship program in hope of inspiring them to discover their strengths and achieve their goals in their future career.

Better Schools Foundation

The principal mission of the Foundation is to alleviate poverty by providing quality education and financial and educational assistance to underprivileged children and young people in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Bangladesh and other places in Asia. The Foundation has been granted Tax Exemption under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

From 2012, we have sponsored 4 primary schools in Cambodia, 1 primary school in China and 1 primary school in Bangladesh, by providing sports equipment, desks, school uniforms, stationery, library, solar powered water system, washing area, lamps, security windows, printers and computers, etc. Every year we organize a group of volunteers to visit those students.
We also provide scholarship for students.

Donation and Sponsorship

We helped a primary school in Sichuan Province, China to construct a new teaching block. Local officers from Overseas Chinese Affairs Office monumentalized Mr. Cheng’s personal donation.

We sponsored Hong Kong Design Institute’s graduation show in 2011 and 2012.

The City University of HK specially named the multi-purpose room with the name of our managing director Mr.Liu for his generous personal donation and care to the university.

We sponsored Social Innovation Inventor-Competition for Innovative Design organized by the World Green Organization in 2013 and 2014